The 24 Articles Published about VAMs in All American Educational Research Association (AERA) Journals

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For some time now on VAMboozled!, we have made available a set of reading lists for you all to read and consume as you wish. These lists include what I consider to be the “Top 15″ suggested research articles (here), the “Top 25″ suggested research articles (here), all suggested research articles, books, etc. (here), and also, as pertinent for this post, a list of all 24 VAM articles ever published in all peer-reviewed journals sponsored by the esteemed American Educational Research Association (AERA) here.

It seems this idea has caught on…

AERA recently released their list of articles, with links to said articles, here. However, they only referenced all VAM articles published in AERA journals since 2009. VAMboozled!’s list of 24 (again here) includes all articles ever published in AERA journals without a time constraint, given the first articles published on this topic were first released in 2003.

Here’s how AERA justified their post: “Over the past decade, the use of value‐added models (VAM) in teacher and administrator evaluation has grown nationally, while becoming one of education’s most controversial issues. Research evidence on the reliability and validity of VAM, and the consequences of using such indicators in educator evaluation, is still accumulating. In recent years, AERA’s journals have examined many aspects of VAM…” and these articles are, again, published here.

Enjoy (or not) should you take the time to peruse.

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