“We Are Not Looking for a Delay. We are Looking for This to Go Away”

…Said one New York school superintendent, on behalf of 40 other superintendents, and nearly 200 educators and parents, all of whom banded together to denounce New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s signature Education Transformation Act of 2015. An online petition asking for the bill to be suspended has thus far been signed by almost 4,0000. I also signed, and encourage you to do the same.

The bill cements the use of test scores to evaluate and make high-stakes decisions (e.g., tenure) about teachers, along with observational measures. However, “The test score measure is structured so it becomes the most significant determinant in a teacher’s overall rating. For example, if a teacher is rated highly effective in classroom observations, but has an ineffective rating on the test scores, the teacher can only be rated ineffective or developing.”

“Cuomo and the Legislature approved a new set of laws pertaining to the teacher evaluation system and tenure in the state budget adopted April 1. The state Education Department is charged with implementing the specifics of the law by June 30. Districts would then have until Nov. 15 to adopt the new standards.”

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