New Research Studies Just Released

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Last year, the University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ hosted a conference that included multiple presentations from multiple scholars throughout the country, all of whom are doing research on value-added models (VAMs). These scholar who presented their research include: Thomas Good, Ronald Marx, and Alyson Lavigne from the University of Arizona, Spyros Konstantopoulos from Michigan State University, Heather Hill and a team of her colleagues from Harvard University, David Berliner from Arizona State University, Rick Ginsberg and Neal Kingston from the University of Kansas, and myself with my former graduate student Clarin Collins from Arizona State University.

Teachers College Record thereafter just released each of the authors’ research-pieces that were presented. Click here to access/read the new research studies released, and click here to read the foreword introducing each of the studies written by Diane Ravitch from New York University. To view the presentations each of the above-mentioned scholars made at the conference click here.

While we will summarize each of these studies in the weeks forthcoming, mainly for those of you out there without the time to read each one in full, please take a look as each of these should inform our current thinking on these topics, not to mention policymakers’ thinking and beliefs.

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