New Mexico’s Teacher Evaluation Lawsuit: Day Four

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Unfortunately I could not attend “Day Four” of the New Mexico’s Teacher Evaluation Lawsuit yesterday (Tuesday, October 6th) in Santa Fe, but for those of you following, tomorrow (Thursday, October 8th) closing remarks are scheduled. Originally, only two days of testimony were scheduled to secure an injunction stopping the state’s teacher evaluation system, but the judge, stating that “the material under consideration is complex” will end with a five-day hearing on Thursday.

But as for what happened in court yesterday, here is an article with a short video (compliments of local news station KOB4) capturing at least some of the day:

Here is another article capturing another reporter’s views of the hearing, as per The Albuquerque Journal, who notes that “Tuesday’s testimony highlighted the state witnesses’ stance that the new [evaluating system is] a big improvement over the previous approach, which rated 99 percent of teachers effective.”

Perhaps most important to the hearing was the testimony of Matthew Montaño, Educator Quality Division, New Mexico Public Education Department (PED), who “testified at length about the creation of the new teacher evaluation system, which PED instituted administratively in 2012.”

Most interesting to come Thursday will be his cross-examination, for reasons impossible to list in both length and his history as per his role and position within the state.

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