William Sanders Interview on His TVAAS (aka EVAAS) Model

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Following up on my most recent post, about whether “EVAAS’s William Sanders is really a “Leading Academician,” a loyal follower sent me this story, as transcribed via an interview on Nashville Public Radio (also available on this link) about “The Man All Tennessee [and likely other] Teachers Have An Opinion About (But You’ve Never Heard Of);” that is, William Sanders.

I should note here, though, that I would recommend reading both posts (linked to above) before reading just the latter. It adds important context to this article (and Nashville Public Radio interview), about the self-described “numbers guy” and value-added man. Reading both should also help keep consumers keen, and in check/balance re: some of the realities surrounding “his” value-added “his”tory.

“It all started in 1982. He was then a professor at the University of Tennessee. Sanders stumbled upon a newspaper article suggesting there’s no proper way to hold teachers accountable based on test scores. He said nonsense. What started as a personal challenge to prove the conventional knowledge wrong quickly turned into a career….”

Read (or listen) to more of the full story, about his model in general, critics’ criticisms about his model being a “blackbox,” his agricultural inspiration, his interactions with Bill & Melinda Gates and influence on their subsequent funding imperatives, and the like here.


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