VAMboozled’s Two-Year Anniversary

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It’s our two year anniversary, so I thought I would share our current stats and our thanks to all who are following (n ≥ 15,000), and also sharing out our independent, open-access, research- and community-based content. We still have a lot of work to be done in terms of America’s test-based teacher evaluation systems, but I feel like we are certainly having a positive impact on the nation writ large, again, with thanks to you all!!

On that note, if there are others (e.g., teachers, students, parents, administrators, school board members, policy advisers, policymakers) who you might know but who might not be following, please do also share and recommend.

Here are our stats (that are also available on our About page):

November, 2013: Blog went live
May, 2014: Subscribers ≈ 3,000; Hits per month ≈ 50,000*
November, 2014: Subscribers ≈ 8,000; Hits per month ≈ 100,000*
May, 2015: Subscribers ≈ 13,000; Hits per month ≈ 160,000*
November, 2015: Subscribers ≈ 15,000; Hits per month ≈ 180,000*


We have also made public 295 posts, to date, averaging 2.8 posts per week and 12.3 post per month.

*This number is calculated by ((subscribers x average number of posts per month) + external hits per month)), although external hits may also include subscribers as analytics cannot differentiate between subscribers and hits. These two indicators are not mutually exclusive.

1 thought on “VAMboozled’s Two-Year Anniversary

  1. Congratulations and thanks for doing this work in addition to obligations from your regular job. I just did a search to see if your work, and that of Linda Darling Hammond is included in the database from Harvard, a news – pushing and editing service called “Journalist’s Resource.” JR just kicked the inquiry to Goggle Scholar, but the database does have about 175 articles edited by staff at Harvard and made available to journalists, looking for ready to use story lines on education with a link to credible research. The criteria for “credible” look ok until you realize that they allow for reports from think tanks and do not require peer review. Among the stories available to journalists are 6 on Harvard’s own “Measures of Effective Teaching” project. No need to reply, just thought this might be of interest…how news gets made in addition to this and other great blogs.

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