VAMboozled! One Year Later

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This VAMboozled blog officially went live just over one year ago two weeks ago. You can read our first post, here, about the “Top 10” pieces of VAMmunition, or rather, ammunition, practitioners need to know to better protect themselves against the unfair implementation and use of VAMs. This one is definitely worth another read if you haven’t read it before as it captures, what I still believe are the same  research-based reasons, today, that VAMs don’t work as intended and as per the research. To read this list, click again here.

Otherwise, I thought I’d share with you all our “progress” report as per our Google analytics. We are now up to ≈ 8,200 subscribers with a loose approximate of about 100,000* hits or blog reads per month.

Hence, thank you all for your support, interest, sharing, action, and the like!! Onward!! And here’s to a productive year in terms of informing more about the research and research-based issues surrounding teacher evaluation, teacher accountability, and value-added models (VAMs) in America’s public schools.

*This number is calculated by ((subscribers x average number of posts per month) + external hits per month)), although external hits may also include subscribers as analytics cannot differentiate between subscribers and hits. These two indicators are not mutually exclusive.

2 thoughts on “VAMboozled! One Year Later

  1. congrats audrey,i am one of your biggest fan.i thing you are the best at what you do.i trust,respect,and admire your work.please keep it coming.
    james a. miller,the war report on public education

  2. I want you to know that I read every new post in Vamboozled and appreciate greatly your research and your advocacy. Thank you!

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