Anthony Cody @AnthonyCody Anthony Cody is an educator, writer, and public speaker. He worked in Oakland schools for 24 years. 
At the Chalk Face @thechalkface At the Chalk Face is a pro-public education radio show and blog
Badass Teachers Asso @BadassTeachersA The BATs are for teachers who do not accept the blame for the failure of our society. Who refuse to accept the corporate takeover of public education.
Bruce Baker @SchlFinance101 Bruce Baker is Professor at Rutgers University specializing in school finance, education policy & quantitative analysis.
CriticalClassrooms @lapham_katie Katie Lapham is a NYC teacher against corporate ed reform: CCSS & excessive accountability. 
Deborah Meier @DebMeier Deborah Meier is an education activist and writer
Diane Ravitch @DianeRavitch Diane Ravitch, Research Professor of Education and Educational History at New York University, blogs about all educational topics to “discuss better education for all.”
Education Hawk @EdHawk1 “Education Hawk” is a teacher who watches over public schools with a hawk’s eye on those profiting from the education reform movement. 
EduShyster, Ex.D. @EduShyster Jennifer Berkshire is a writer and public education advocate. She is keeping an eye on the corporate education reform movement, in Massachusetts and beyond.
FairTest @FairTestOffice FairTest is working to end the misuses and flaws of standardized testing and to ensure that evaluation is fair, open, valid and educationally beneficial.
John Kuhn @johnkuhntx John Kuhn is is superintendent of the Perrin-Whitt school district in Texas. He has been named “a hero of American education” by Diane Ravitch. 
Katie Osgood @KatieOsgood_ Katie Osgood is a special education teacher in Chicago. She writes that “our education system might need an IEP, we don’t seem to be learning…”
Paul Thomas @plthomasEdD P. L. Thomas, Associate Professor of Education (Furman University, Greenville SC), taught high school English before moving to teacher education. He writes about education equity and justice. 
Susan Ohanian @susanoha Susan Ohanian is a writer/advocate who is also a longtime teacher and opponent of national standards and testing. 
TeachrsLetters2Gates @TsLetters2Gates Teachers’ letters to Bill and Melinda Gates aims to engage in dialogue, influencing public education policy through democracy vs corporate education reform.
Valerie StraussVerified account @valeriestrauss Valerie Strauss, education journalist for the Washington Post, writes about “everything that matters in education — and some things that don’t.”

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