The Trojan Horse in South Carolina

Following one of our most recent posts re: Rhee in South Carolina, a reader (Ian Kay) wrote in the following comment I thought important to share out with the rest of you.

Ian writes:

[Rhee] will succeed here in south Carolina, because she has the backing of the monied interests, including Gates, and Jeff Bezos and others. The newspapers will not print any criticism of this bunch, because they are in collusion with the goals of this movement to denigrate the teaching profession, and reap the money which is always there, in good times and in bad. I tried many times to warn the community here in Charleston about this fraud, to no avail. Here is a sample of the kind of letter to editor which they will not print. The truth from a veteran teacher will not see the light of day [until now – thanks for writing!].

The Trojan Horse is Here.

As we veteran teachers predicted, the death knell for public education is spreading slowly and inexorably throughout the country, and as the Post and Courier reported last week, Michelle Rhee and her for-profit destroyers have claimed two more districts with their fraudulent promise to improve the educational system. The State Board of Education, obviously with the blessings of the Superintendent, has approved the extension of the “non-profit” Teach for America program by placing two more districts here in the low country within their grasp. If the public believes that this is a non-profit agenda, I still have that Brooklyn Bridge for sale at a reasonable price. I wonder how much they promised the board, the Superintendent, and all the palms they had to grease to get this program on board? I am a 28 year veteran teacher who stayed the course, and is no longer intimidated by administrators and fraudulent educational leaders. What can they do to me, stop my social security check? It’s time that someone tells the public what is really going on in the school systems, and in these contrived fiefdoms known as districts, that not only abuse the teaching staff, but waste taxpayer money to fix what they have caused in the first place. Where is the outrage on the part of teachers to the article detailing the hiring of outsourced substitutes to Kelly Educational Staffing. The School District says that they want to expand the concept to the entire district this fall. Human Resources director Julie Rogers is quoted as saying that “They do a really good job of training their substitutes. It’s not just a warm body, they get in there and teach” This is proof positive that the present educational leadership is not capable of operating a school system. Where is the indignation from the educational departments of our local colleges that train teachers? I could rail for a long time, but you get the picture I’m sure. It’s sickening and it’s time to return the system to some normalcy, and discard these frauds posing as educational leaders, before the entire system implodes.

Ian Kay
West Ashley