U.S. Senate Briefing: Getting Teacher Evaluation Right – A Challenge for Policy Makers. A research briefing convened by the American Educational Research
Association and the National Academy of Education. Click here for all related videos.

HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: On Standardized Testing

Dr. Diane Ravitch discusses teacher evaluations on The Daily Show

EVAAS, Value-Added and Teacher Branding

Florida Teacher Luke Flint’s “Story” about his VAM Scores

Student in High-Value-Added State of Tennessee Speaks Up! 

Merit Pay, Teacher Pay, and Value-Added Measures

Linda Darling-Hammond on Value-Added Measures and
Teacher Evaluations which Make Sense

The Consultant and the Teacher

High Stakes Teacher Evaluations: High Cost – Big Losses,
Dr. Audrey Amrein-Beardsley

High Stakes Teacher Evaluations: High Cost – Big Losses, 
Dr. David Berliner

Dr. Amrein-Beardsley presents Caveat Emptor: Value-Added Models (VAMs) and the Evaluation of Teacher Effectiveness 

Edward Haertel, the Stanford Jacks Family Professor of Education, Emeritus, talks about when it is inappropriate to use value-added models.

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