Friedman Rubbing Elbows

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Chetty, Friedman, and Rockoff have been the source of many posts on this blog over the past, almost year. See some of these prior posts here, here, and here. These posts are about their (implied) nobel-worthy work supporting the use of value-added models (VAMs) to increasingly hold America’ public school teachers accountable for that which they purportedly are not doing in America’s public schools.

What I have termed “The Study that Keeps on Giving…” was also largely credited for winning the recent Vergara case in California. But it is also apparently (and as per the explicit boasting of its lead author during a recent set of emails exchanged among Raj Chetty, Diane Ravitch, and me), having a continuous impact on federal policy.

Courtesy of Facebook, this may just be the case.


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