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  1. In New Mexico state licensed teachers seem to have lost due process rights, as VAM flattens law, despite legislative, legal and public efforts to examine VAM and to understand how it will work, and if it is a valid measurement of anything real.

    In 2011, the EEOC and New Mexico Human RIghts Division refused to make Bloomfield Schools, (Bloomfield, New Mexico) give a reason for non-renewing a teacher, or to explain discrimination against the teacher for age, race, sex and medical condition. Please contact for dates and case numbers. EEOC Albuquerque is just like the ABQ Police department, and needs the same kind of federal oversight, except, they are already a federal agency – suggestions? It’s happening again, and I am trying to stay in teaching. Is it VAM at any (human) cost? Thank you.

    • Thanks for the encouragement, you have a lot of support for your efforts and many teachers want to help. Thank you for this site, and for working for teachers and students.

  2. I have been doing some reading about charter schools and while my children are now grown adults I still worry about poor education in the city near where I live.

    I visited a charter school last week just to see one first hand. Still not sure what my thoughts are about what I saw but I wonder. What would I see if I were able to compare the academic level of a charter student to one who could not enter because of limited space? Would there be any difference.

    I would like to learn more about the question I posed.

  3. Audrey,
    I attempted to post a comment on T. Scherrer (sp?) piece and was rejected as spam. What might I do to get my response posted?

  4. Here in PA, our fourth graders are given a standardized test in science. This is the first time they take a standardized test in science and won’t repeat another science exam until eighth grade. My concern is that teachers are being evaluated on their students’ growth on this exam. I’m confused as to how the test company is grading growth in science using only reading and math scores from third grade. Our principal doesn’t fully understand the scoring for teachers and hasn’t been helpful with her explanation. Would you be able to shed any light on this situation? There doesn’t seem to be anything legitimate about this evaluation method for PA teachers.

    • What they are likely doing is relying on the correlations likely evidenced between the math and reading tests AND the science test, which are typically strong, and then given the strength of the correlations using the math and reading tests as a PROXY for the science test that does not exist. Is it bogus? Entirely! But they can justify such a move given the sound statistics support it. Just wait until they measure growth from 4th to 8th grade math, like they are doing elsewhere, and then attributing four years of growth to different science teachers. Good times, not.

  5. Hi,
    New Mexico teachers have to answer TEACHSCAPE questions. Does anyone know of a “crib sheet”, what-does-Gates-want-to-hear kinda thing. “How do you know what your students have learned?” and “how do you know what your students know” What should we say, we get the test scores and we know from those?
    Thanks for any help.

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