Calling all Teachers with Something to Say about NCLB’s Overhaul!

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The week of April 13th the Senate Education Committee will begin to markup legislation to overhaul No Child Left Behind (NCLB) for the first time in more than a decade. This controversial law signed by President Bush in 2001 intended to make sure schools were doing a good job educating children, success was measured by test scores and funding was tied to success. The NCLB has angered parents and teachers alike and become a hot rod in the partisan education debate. A revamping of the NCLB could signal a new era in education in the United States and The Takeaway wants to know how teachers would change this legislation to benefit their students.

In case you’re not familiar with it: The Takeaway is an award-winning daily news show produced by WNYC in partnership with The New York Times and Public Radio International.  The show airs across the country on more than 200 stations, reaching upwards of 2 million listeners nationwide.

To share your thoughts on what should or shouldn’t be included in the overhaul of No Child Left Behind please send a voice memo to alternatively you can also leave us a voicemail at 877-8-MY-TAKE.

Please include in your response your name and location, what you teach and how long you’ve been teaching.

Amber (below) is happy to answer any additional questions and can be reached at

Amber Hall

Amber Hall | Planning Editor, The Takeaway

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