• School Finance 101 by Bruce Baker: Bruce Baker, Professor of Education Finance and Economics at Rutgers University, blogs about the “facts behind the headlines,” mainly about educational finance but also educational accountability and accountability-based educational policies.
  • EduShyster by Jennifer Berkshire: Jennifer Berkshire, freelance journalist and public education advocate, blogs about the corporate education reform agenda.
  • Sherman Dorn’s Blog: Sherman Dorn, (soon to be) Director of Educational Leadership and Innovation at Arizona State University, brings a unique perspective to examining the history and politics of education. He blogs about the inconsistencies in education policy, encouraging us to face those inconsistencies and talk more openly and clearly about what we expect from schools and how schools can change.
  • Education in Two Worlds by Gene Glass: Gene Glass, Regents’ Professor Emeritus at Arizona State University and Research Professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder, blogs to make sense of an institution trapped in a political struggle.
  • Best of the Ed Blogs by the National Education Policy Center: The National Education Policy Center’s Best of the Ed Blogs features a frequently updated selection of interesting and insightful blog posts about various education policies.
  • Susan Ohanian Speaks Out: Susan Ohanian, former classroom teacher, current free-lance writer, and staunch advocate for students, teachers, and public schools, blogs about on high-stakes testing and other accountability policies and practices.
  • A Sociological Eye on Education by Aaron Pallas: Aaron Pallas, Professor of Sociology and Education at Teachers College, Columbia University, blogs about educational research and policy, and casts a critical and independent eye about both and the linkages between them.
  • deutsch29 by Mercedes Schneider: Mercedes Schneider, University Professor turned High School English Teacher, blogs about teachers, testing, accountability, and other salient issues faced by America’s public schools.
  • Diane Ravitch’s Blog: Diane Ravitch, Research Professor of Education and Educational History at New York University, blogs about all educational topics to “discuss better education for all.”
  • Educating. All Our Children: Linda McNeil, Professor of Education and the Director of the Center for Education at Rice University, blogs about research, analysis, advocacy and community on behalf of the public’s schools.

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